Positive Words For A Positive Outcome

Positive Words For A Positive Outcome



“You can be anything you want to be in life.” I am sure you have heard that being said many times before. It’s true; you can achieve whatever you set your mind on. There is only one prerequisite- what you are working towards, should go hand in hand with what you confess with your mouth.

You can’t plan to become the next leader in your industry if the words formed by your lips are negative or opposite to your plan. The things you say are as important as putting in the hours—your words matter. Your words will determine whether you persist in your pursuit for greatness or you give up along the way.

Saying you can’t go on will convince your mind and body that you are not capable of going beyond where you are. Hence, if you want to give your mind and body the motivation and strength needed to achieve your desires, you have to start saying the right words. No matter how tired and worn out you feel, never allow your mouth to admit there is no way of going beyond where you are standing. Say, “I still have a lot more left in me” “I can sweat it out many more times.”

If you confess with your mouth that you still have the strength to go on, believe me, you will have the much-needed strength, and you will go on.


We all need a robust support system to make it in life or to at least keep going. However, if your associates or loved ones are not as supportive as you wish they were, you can still make your mark in the world. You achieve this by using words to get you to where you intend to be. Believe me, when I tell you this, YOU are your motivator. Instead of worrying about how much people are unsupportive, meditate on words that can get you what you want. Once you have the right words implanted in your mind, nothing can hinder you from pursuing and reaching your goals.

Be your inspiration every single day. Say the right words to yourself. Talk about your goals like it is the only thing you are living for. Give yourself the nudge you need and do not wait for anyone to push you to do what needs to be done.

If you want to become the best in your industry, start living like you are the best. Start saying words that will get you what you want because your life moves in the direction of your words.

There was a young man who was not so good at anything. His life was not going anywhere because everything he tried did not amount to anything. The young man had tried different things in life, from sports to working behind the desk. Nothing he did to reach the level of excellence required or the kind of excellence he at least hoped for was of any help. Being surrounded by obstructive people wasn’t helping much either. The young man hated his life. After all, he had tried everything to become better, or at least that’s what he thought.

One day a simple conversation he had with one of his friends changed his life. It all happened while he was complaining about his life to his good friend. His friend allowed him to talk without interjection until he started saying, “my life is a mess, and I swear it’s not going to change.” The only response he got from his friend was, “you are the only reason your life isn’t going anywhere,” and he went on to say, “your words determine your future, so if you want to be great start confessing greatness.” After battling with the thought on his own, he decided to give it a try for just a few months.

He would wake up each day and say, “I will be great because I still have what it takes to change my life.” His life started moving in the direction he wanted. Confessing with his mouth that he was able to aim high and fulfill his desires gave him the strength he needed. It gave him a new perspective.


You can turn your life around. You can shape your present and define your destiny by using positive words. A few words/confirmations you can start confessing to yourself right away include:

  • I will make it
  • I am strong
  • I am able
  • I am valued
  • I matter
  • My work matters
  • I can still go on
  • I am almost there
  • It will work


Minds ValleyAs always,
Best to you,
Tony Ramos from Minds Valley

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