Power of Goals and Goal Setting

Power of Goals and Goal Setting

Power of Goals and Goal Setting

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Anyone in business would simply go by the SMART acronym:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time based

By incorporating each of these points together your success was pretty much guaranteed. However, this has changed today to some extent. While these points are still valid they often need to be explored and defined to a further extent.

Let’s discuss this:

When you set yourself a specific goal you can set your efforts on achieving it by using resources, tools and tactics to get you there. Each step or action you take will be well thought out, creating a solid plan of action for you.

By measuring your goals, you will see those things that are working for you and simply do more of it. You need to be strong enough to stop doing actions (or inactions) which aren’t working.  Instead you must be prepared to change your course of action.

When a certain goal is within your grasp, your motivation to try harder stays with you. While you want to set attainable and achievable goals, don’t make them so easy that you can reach them with your eyes shut. Your goals need to make you work harder so that you become a stronger person.

When your goals are relevant to you personally you will be so excited by the prospect of reaching them. As you begin achieving your goals or as life changes  your goals could possibly become less relevant. This is why it is important to review them and change them as necessary.

By tying in your goals to a deadline your sense of urgency is heightened. You will accomplish more by setting goals that are meaningful and specific to your purpose. Otherwise you will find yourself pushing your goals to do them on a rainy day or just ‘whenever’.


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